Do you know what online services are available via your health insurance?

As technology improves, UK health insurers are offering their members more options for online options.

Insurers such as Vitality Health offer extensive services in this way. They also encourage the use of mobile apps and engagement via their member zone.

If you are not keen on technology, speak to your broker to see what help they can give you when it comes to using online services.

Accessing primary care and also claims registration and updates can really save you time. It is likely you will see an increase in the services offered to you in this way.

Online access to policy documents and more – My Bupa

Online access to policy documents and more – My Bupa

Bupa, one of the UK’s leading healthcare specialists, are giving their policyholders more online via My Bupa. This is an online members only area that allows policyholders to manage their policy online. Who can register for My Bupa? You can register for this service: Once you have purchased health insurance and you are the main policy holder As soon as you have received registration details through a company scheme If you have recently had a health assessment and want to view your results What else can you do with My Bupa? With My Bupa, policyholders can also: Make & view…