All of us face Mental Health issues within our modern day lives. Even if you think you would never be affected. The current statistics would imply otherwise.

Maybe you have friends or family members who suffer with mental health issues or perhaps you just want to know a little bit more about the subject as a whole.

Stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar are all medical conditions you may know about. What about whether you have cover on your health insurance policy for treatment of these conditions?

Within this category you will find a combination of information. Insurance related and condition related details are available to you.

Without doubt we add more blogs in this category soon.

Work related Stress in Great Britain

Work related Stress in Great Britain

By finding out what products are available for your business and balancing this against the cost that absenteeism is currently costing your bottom line,  we are confident you will see the benefit in the investment in a policy of this nature.