Charles Bonnet Syndrome Day 2017

November 16th 2017 will see the very first Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) awareness day. Approximately half a million people in the United Kingdom living with CBS. The awareness day is aiming to tell everyone about the impact CBS has on people’s lives. SELVIS, KAB, Esme’s Umbrella, Macular Society, London’s ECLOs, Vision UK and others are working together to deliver a Free CBS workshop and networking lunch in London.

What is Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)?

Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) is a condition that is common amongst people who have lost their sight. It causes you to see things that are not really there which is also referred to as having a hallucination. If you have a CBS hallucination it is not thought to be a sign of mental health issues.

How is CBS diagnosed?

If you have lost your sight and notice any type of hallucination it is important to visit your GP. There is not a specific single test that can be done to establish whether you have CBS or not. Doctors are however, able to rule out other causes of hallucinations such as Alzheimer’s and mental health issues.

It is important to remember that hallucinations caused from having CBS only affect your sight, therefore you would not hear, smell or feel the things that are not there. People with CBS are said to be aware that the things that they are seeing are not real. It is unusual for CBS sufferers to develop any complicated ideas of why they are seeing things.

How is CBS treated?

There is currently no medical cure for CBS and there is no proven drug that can stop the hallucinations. It is reported that the symptoms of CBS will improve over time.

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