During the coronavirus pandemic, many employees in the UK have been furloughed. The government are paying a percentage of their pay to help businesses survive through an unprecedented period of time.

Being on furlough means that you remain on payroll however, you are not working. The latter furlough scheme has allowed for you to work but reduced hours. This scheme has been introduced to save people from being laid off and avoids mass unemployment.

The original Furlough scheme was due to end in June 2020. It was then extended until October and then further until the end of the year. Currently the scheme is due to end at the end of April 2021.

Employees who are enrolled on this government scheme are not required to work for the hours the government are funding.

How COVID-19 has affected mental health within the workplace

How COVID-19 has affected mental health within the workplace

As an employer in 2020 the issue of work related stress disorders is an extremely hot topic. With the impact of COVID-19 affecting people’s ability to work in a “normal” way or in some cases no work at all, work related stress issues are surely going to be affected in a negative way. With so many people working from home and losing face to face contact with their colleagues and managers, how can employers really assess whether or not an employee is struggling with the current working climate. Yes, there is the option of zoom calls and team video calls,…