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National Friendly were founded in 1868 as a mutual organisation. Originally National Friendly were formed to help working people to be able to pay for their healthcare and take care of themselves when they were suffering with poor health.

National Friendly are proud to remain a mutual organisation, offering a high standard of customer service for their members. Based in Bristol, National Friendly are 100% UK based with the service centre staffed by a friendly team who are employed by National Friendly to help their members to get the most out of the policy they have invested in.

National Friendly is a trading name of National Deposit Friendly Society Ltd and they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). The Financial Services register number for the business is 110008.

In/Day Patient Treatment:

National Friendly Optimum In/ Day Patient private healthcare provides members with fast access to a range of in and day patient treatments and operations including heart and cancer treatment. The National Friendly Optimum scheme does have an annual maximum monetary value. The policy does not have an No Claims Discount (NCD) applied to the policy and National Friendly offer their members an extensive hospital list which only excludes a small number of hospitals.

There are 3 types of underwriting available from National Friendly which include Full Medical Underwriting, Continued Personal Medical Exclusions and Moratorium underwriting.

The excess options available to enable members to keep the costs of their National Friendly Optimum policy at an affordable level include £0 excess, £250 excess, £500 excess and £1000 excess.

The National Friendly Optimum In/Day patient plan is available to permanent residents of the United Kingdom* who are between the ages of 18-75 and they will also allow the parent or guardian of children under the age of 18 to apply for a policy on their behalf.

*excludes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)

National Friendly will only pay for treatments at the following hospitals if the Extended Hospital List has been selected:

Cromwell Hospital ▪ The London Clinic ▪ Harley Street at UCH ▪ Harley Street Clinic ▪ King Edwards VII’s Hospital – Sister Agnes ▪ The Lister Hospital ▪ London Bridge Hospital ▪ Portland Hospital for Women and Children ▪ Princess Grace Hospital ▪ Wellington Hospital

Out/Patient Plan

National Friendly Optimum Out-patient plan is designed to offer members access to quick appointment for private GP and consultants. The out-patient policy provides cover for a number of out-patient diagnostics, therapies and minor surgery along with mental health sessions, consultations with a specialist and GP consultants. The National Friendly Out-patient cover can help with the diagnosis of heart and cancer conditions.

There are three excess options available for the National Friendly Optimum out-patient plan and these are No excess, £100 excess and £250 excess and there is a monetary annual maximum applicable to the claim on this policy.

National Friendly fee schedule

National Friendly set fee guidelines for all consultations and procedures which confirms the amount that they will pay in relation to any treatment or consultation. National Friendly confirm that they are prepared to work with their clients where a specialist charges more than their fee guidelines either so that the member can pay the difference or they will assist in finding an alternative specialist that charges within their fee guidelines.

National Friendly also offer other health and protection products such as Assisted Living Insurance and Guaranteed Life Assurance. The National Friendly Life Assurance plan offers cover to UK residents between the ages of 50 – 80 years old with guaranteed acceptance and no intrusive medicals or difficult questions.

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