What is Out-patient treatment on your Private Medical Insurance?

When purchasing a Private Medical Insurance policy, there are many types of benefits to consider. Out-patient cover is one of the more important components to a policy, but what exactly does it mean.

What is Out-patient treatment?

Private Medical Insurers usually define out-patient treatments as one of the following:

  • Consultations with a specialist
  • Diagnostic Tests (CT, MRI, PET scans)
  • Pre-admission tests (tests carried out at hospital before your admission to check that you are fit to undergo surgery and anaesthesia, which can include ECG’s, blood tests)
  • Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy
  • Referred complementary therapies (such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry etc.)
  • Psychiatric treatment that does not need an overnight stay

How much Out-patient treatment am I covered for?

Most insurers offer a choice of monetary limits for these services, where you can opt for either a full/unlimited benefit or a reduced level of  cover. The out-patient costs the insurers cover will depend on what option you decide to include within your policy benefits. The benefit level you choose will affect the premium you pay.

Apart from the Full cover option, what other levels of cover are available?

Most insurers tend to offer three main types of monetary limits for out-patient treatment. As a guideline you can opt for £1,000, £500 or Nil. The limit selected applies to each insured member, every policy year.

Where insurers don’t offer a monetary limit, they may offer a consultation limit. On this basis you will only be covered up to the advised amount of consultations applicable per person, per policy year.

SMP Healthcare Ltd can ensure that you have the right level of out-patient treatment included within your policy. We want your cover level to suit your individual needs because everyone has a different requirement and expectation.

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