Workforce Wellness at LycaHealth in Canary Wharf

As an independent Health Insurance Intermediary it is great to be able to view the hospital facilities and diagnostics centers available to our clients. When LycaHealth announced they were going to hold a Workforce Wellness seminar in association with the International Stress Management Association (UK) on 2nd November I quickly booked my place.

I would like to thank Dr Manpreet Gulati for holding what proved to be a most educational evening. I was pleased to see a huge level of interest and support from all who attended. With guest speakers Carole Spiers, Dr Marylin Glenville, Dr Kare Tang and Rohit Talwar they covered a range of areas that related directly to the cause, effects and management of stress in the workplace.

Whether you have Private Medical Insurance or self-fund your treatment, LycaHealth offers state of the art, innovative technology for both diagnosis and treatment. The Clinic itself provides a relaxing atmosphere and all of the staff attending yesterday’s seminar gave a warm welcome to the arriving guests.  I am confident that this standard would carry through to a patient level and can only presume how re-assuring it would be to have treatment at this hidden gem, in such a thriving area such as Canary Wharf.

As I arrived a little early, I was delighted to have a tour of the facilities with Jeffrey Mantey who is the head of Corporate Business Development for LycaHealth and his knowledge of the procedures, equipment and whole process of diagnosis and treatment was outstanding.

Although we are an independent intermediary and as such unable to recommend specific hospitals, consultants or medical treatments, it is evident from the presentation from Dr Gulati that the whole team at LycaHealth are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest level of care and commitment in all aspects of their healthcare requirements and expectations.

If you would like to know more about the treatments available at LycaHealth such as Health screening, physiotherapy, private GP and specialist consultations; please follow the link below:

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