Short-term international Health Insurance

So, you have made the decision to move abroad. There are a number of things you need to think about, including international health insurance. When you make your visa application, it is likely they will request proof that you have private cover for your health in place, prior to travel. Different countries have different stipulations, and you need to make sure that the policy you buy ticks all the relevant boxes.

What is short-term international health insurance?

April International UK have a policy available for a 1–12-month contract period. This is ideal if you are traveling for a shorter length of time. You could als{o use it if you intend to buy a policy locally once you have relocated. As an example, if you were moving to Spain, the policies offered by Sanitas will be cheaper than buying a long-term international policy and renewing it in the UK. On this basis, why not look at this type of policy as your solution for private healthcare when making your visa application?

Is this type of international private medical insurance expensive?

A short-term international health insurance policy from April International UK is relatively low cost. It provides you with a good level of cover, including evacuation and repatriation.

The basic plan offers worldwide cover excluding the USA and Caribbean.

You can take the Out of Area Extension and this gives you emergency cover in the USA and Caribbean up to £20,000.

Are pre-existing conditions covered on this type of health insurance policy?

Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered on a standard policy. You can, however, take the optional add on. This gives cover for the acute treatment of pre-existing conditions, up to £20,000. You can add this cover extension if you are under 50 years old.  Please remember that an international health insurance policy is not travel insurance.

Other important information about this policy

  • You need to be under 70 years old at enrolment.
  • The premium is available in GBP, Euros or USD
  • This policy is not suitable if you are specifically travelling to the USA and Caribbean
  • Your age will affect the premium you pay.
  • There is an excess on outpatient services.

The following link will help you with more in-depth information about moving abroad:

It is important that you follow the correct guidelines to ensure your health is covered and you are adhering to the rules of the country you are moving to.