Working Body from AXA Health

If you have your private healthcare with AXA Health you will have access to Working Body. This means you can speak on the phone to a fully qualified physiotherapist. They can give you expert advice on how to get moving freely again with their Working Body service.

How do members use Working Body from AXA Health?

With Working Body, you can arrange a phone call with a physiotherapist to discuss all type of conditions that affect bones, joints and muscles. You do not have to see your GP first the qualified physiotherapist will  to make sure you’re getting the advice and treatment that’s right for you.

What conditions can you use the Working Body service for?

There are a number of common conditions you can use the Working Body for, including:

– Aches and pains in knees from sporting injuries

– Shoulder pain from repetitive movements

– Pain from muscle strains and tears

– Twisted ankles from walking an running

– Back problems from stretching or turning awkwardly

How do policyholders access the Working Body service?

Step One: Call AXA’s Personal Advisers and let them know what is wrong. They will let you know if you are eligible for hands-on treatment should you need it.

Step Two: You will receive a call back about your condition by the end of the next working day. Your physiotherapist will conduct your clinical needs assessment by telephone.

Step Three:  All policyholders get access to expert advice on self-management from physiotherapists. This is often enough to get you well again, however sometimes further treatment is required.

What happens if you require further treatment?

If you need a course of hands-on physiotherapy, AXA Health can arrange for you to see a fully-qualified physiotherapist at a clinic that’s convenient to you. This is providing your claim is eligible and you have therapies cover as part of your policy.

If you need more than physiotherapy, AXA Health will, providing you are eligible and have the appropriate cover in place, fast track you to a convenient appointment with a specialist. Your specialist has the skills and expertise needed to treat your condition and can refer you for diagnostic testing if required.

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Due to the efficiency and speed such a service provides to policyholders, other Private Medical Insurers also offer the use of similar services. If you would like to know more about the other priority access pathways for physiotherapy, please contact us on 01245 929129 or email