Creating a low fat Christmas Dinner?

Creating a low fat Christmas Dinner is possibly a little easier than you think. We are all aware of the effects that over-eating can have on our health. With the average Christmas day calorie consumption estimated to be over 3 times our daily recommended calorie intake, isn’t it time we looked at ways of reducing the calories we eat on this one day of the year?

BBC Good Food website have provided a Christmas Day menu that comes in at 2,500 calories which knocks socks off of the massive 6,000 calories per day that it is reported many of us are said to consume.

*Why 2,500 calories (kcals)?
Government guidelines recommend a daily calorie intake of 2,500kcals for men. The recommendation for women is 2,000kcals and for children is 1,800kcals.

What is on the menu when you create a low fat Christmas Dinner?

Actually no-one will have to go without on this festive food extravaganza. There are still plenty of options to choose from including smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, canapes, a 3 course lunch (including a turkey roast and prosecco jellies) and you could even throw in a Bloody Mary for good measure and additional Christmas spirit.

The key to keeping to the calorific budget is to really keep a check on your portion sizes. If you were to have too much of everything that is included on the menu then you can be sure the calories would be reaching bursting point as will your waistline.

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Now I am not sure that everyone will resort to a low calorie version of a Christmas dinner but perhaps it is worth considering the *calorie content of some of the Christmas favourites before you polish off the plateful:

Pigs in Blankets = 97 calories each

Champagne = 133 calories a glass

Roast Potato = 200 calories each

Stuffing ball = 123 calories each

Christmas pudding = 330 calories per average serving

Brandy butter (100ml) = 97 calories

*information sourced from

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