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The Exeter is a trading name of Exeter Friendly Society Limited and they offer a combination of private medical insurance, Life cover and Income Protection to their members. Over the years, their policies have won many industry awards.

They are a mutual society and therefore do not have shareholders, instead they are owned by their members. Their aim is to offer their members a perfect mix of efficiency, technology and a personal touch.

The Exeter website is easy to understand and gives clear information about the products that they offer to their members. They even show their fee schedule online so it is clear to everyone the maximum benefits that they will pay.

The list is classified using CCSD codes and The Exeter recommend that you obtain the code of any procedure recommended by your specialist prior to calling for pre-authorisation.

Currently offering a private medical insurance policy called Health+ which has replaced the older policies known as Health Cover for you and Health Choices for you. This is a policy aimed at the individual private medical insurance market.

Policies include unlimited cancer cover as standard within their private medical insurance policies

Underwriting options from The Exeter

The Exeter offer their members a choice of underwriting including switch underwriting (for those already insured who want to change provider) full medical underwriting and standard moratorium underwriting. The Exeter no longer offer Fixed Moratorium underwriting terms.

Members now have access to free medical advice through their Health Wise App.

You can choose your excess level and the options range from £0 to £5000. The higher the excess you choose the more or a reduction you will see on your premium.

The Exeter also provide a clear explanation of how their NCD works within their literature. This helps to avoid any confusion.

Hospital options available from The Exeter

There are three options available for hospital lists and these are Essential, Standard and Extended.

As an additional healthcare insurance option, The Exeter also offer a health cash plan for individuals and the One Fund policy for businesses. These policies would still give you access to the Health Wise App.

The Exeter have won the Best Individual Income Protection Provider at the Cover Excellence Awards 2020.

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