Absenteeism is when an employee has a habitual or intentional absence from work. This is very difficult for employers to deal with and there are many health insurance solutions to help.

This archive is aimed at employers trying to successfully manage their rates of absenteeism. You will be able to find information here about solutions available in the UK market.

Absenteeism can be managed in a number of ways. This is often dealt with via Occupational Health solutions.

Employee Assistance Programmes and health cash plans both offer simple solutions to help manage the levels of absenteeism.  Both of these solutions are a very low cost and are easy to implement.

Employers can also access ad-hoc services from occupational health providers if they need to. Knowing these services are available can make managing the workforce a much less daunting task.

Work related Stress in Great Britain

Work related Stress in Great Britain

By finding out what products are available for your business and balancing this against the cost that absenteeism is currently costing your bottom line,  we are confident you will see the benefit in the investment in a policy of this nature.