The Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII)

AMII is the voice of intermediaries and insurer members promoting and advising on health insurance, protection and well-being services to individuals and companies. It is an Association committed to a Code of Ethics and the raising of professional standards by continued and ongoing development in the interests of the consumer, whether they be individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises or large corporate organisations.

When you are looking to purchase Private Medical Insurance AMII is a great place to start your search. They ensure their members are independent and impartial. This gives you as a consumer a far better choice when it comes to buying a policy.

AMII members are also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This ensures they are competent and regulated in accordance with UK law. You can therefore be sure you are dealing with the very best professionals.

Ask an Expert via the AMII website

AMII have introduced this feature to their website enabling consumers to ask questions which are answered by one of a panel of experts. There is no cost associated with using this facility.

Find an Expert via the website

All you need to do is specifying what type of Health Insurance policy is of interest to you and your postcode. The AMII website will then provide a list of specialist brokers who can help you. You can choose are a specified radius of your address. This enables you to speak with an expert close to you.

Essentially AMII are there to ensure the whole process of purchasing Private Medical Insurance is a simple one. They providing details such as a Glossary of Terms, Fact Sheets and Regulatory and Compliance updates.

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SMP Healthcare Ltd are proud to be a member of AMII. We would be delighted to help individuals and companies find the best Healthcare Insurance solution that meets their own specification.

If you would like the team to help you either with a renewal or purchase of a new policy, please contact us by telephone 01245 929129, email or by completing one of our online quotation requests.