When Counselling and Psychotherapy can help


There are a number of reasons that people seek counselling and psychotherapy. They could be experiencing any number or combination of difficult and distressing events in their lives such as:

Bereavement • divorce • health issues • employment concerns • debt issues

Sometimes there is no specific one “reason” but the person may just be suffering with underlying feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction with life.

Some clients feel isolated and have no one else to talk to, but even people with supportive family and friends can find it difficult to talk to them about feeling anxious or depressed. Or they may just find it easier to talk about personal, family or relationship issues with an independent and professional therapist.

Counsellors and psychotherapists play a crucial role in improving the health and wellbeing of our society. They help people to talk about their feelings, think about their choices or their behaviour, and make positive changes in their lives.

What happens in Therapy?

Counselling involves a series of formal sessions where the therapist and the client talk about the client’s issues and feelings. Even short term therapy typically involves six to 12 sessions. The sessions take place at a regular, agreed time and in a ‘safe’ private place where the client and therapist will not be overheard or interrupted.

Therapy may involve talking about life events, feelings, emotions, relationships, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour. The therapist will listen, encourage and empathise, but will also challenge to help the client to see their issues more clearly or in a different way.

Counselling is not about giving advice or opinions, nor is it a friendly chat with a friend. The therapist helps the client to understand themselves better and find their own solutions to resolve or cope with their situation.

All information sourced from www.bacp.co.uk

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s (BACP) primary purpose is to support counsellors and help them better serve their clients. The Association was formed nearly 40 years ago by a group of counsellors who were passionate about the value of counselling and its potential to improve the lives of individuals and communities.

It is possible to claim back payments for counselling if you have a Cash Plan policy in place from a provider that offers well-being benefits such as Healthshield. The team here at SMP Healthcare Ltd would be happy to help you find a cash plan that offers benefits of this type and you can contact us on 01245 929129 or by email enquiries@smphealthcare.com