Fundamental Health insurance from Bupa

Bupa Fundamental Health Insurance (BFHI), is a low cost entry level private medical insurance plan designed by Bupa for individual policyholders who are looking to purchase a lower-cost cover through an intermediary, like SMP Healthcare Ltd.

What does the  Bupa Fundamental Health Insurance policy include?

BFHI is a stand-alone product which covers eligible treatment as an in-patient or day-patient, with fixed out-patient allowances. The policy also includes Full cancer cover (unless NHS Cancer Cover Plus or No cancer cover is selected) and provides two out-patient consultations a year and a £350 monetary limit for out-patient therapies when following and related to eligible in-patient and day-patient treatment only (within 6 months).

What are the Bupa Fundamental hospital list options?

BFHI customers can choose from the following three hospital network options:

– Essential Access – Access to a limited number of private and NHS facilities throughout the UK. If you live outside London, this option is a great way to reduce costs, while still having access to a diverse range of facilities.

– Extended Choice – Access to a much larger number of private facilities throughout the UK. It also includes a good selection of hospitals and medical facilities in central London.

– Extended Choice with Central London – Bupa’s most comprehensive list of facilities and includes most major hospitals in the London area.

What types of underwriting are available from Bupa on this policy?

The BFHI is available on the following underwriting options:

– Full Medical Underwriting


– CPME (subject to certain eligibility criteria).

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The BFHI policy is available only through intermediaries and SMP Healthcare Ltd would be more than happy to obtain a quotation for you on this product, as well as other insurers who can offer cover suitable for your needs and budget. Simply contact us on 01245 929129 or email and we will be happy to assist you further. We can help you to compare health insurance from the insurers who form our panel of providers.