Health Insurance for your Working Holiday


April International UK offer the Magellan policy which is a personal insurance policy for globe-trotters and short-term expatriates. If you are due to travel abroad on a holiday, round the world trip or for work, the Magellan cover offers cover for people staying or working abroad for periods of time between 15 days and 12 months. There are two levels of cover available which are Mini and Complete.

Key benefits of cover include:

  • Cover is valid in all countries visited and during short return trips to your country of nationality
  • Direct payment of hospital charges for stays in hospital of more than 24 hours worldwide
  • Claims processed within 48 hours
  • No waiting times or excess
  • Low-risk sporting activities in an amateur capacity within a club or federation are covered

If you are interested in a short-term international health insurance plan and believe that the Magellan policy may be of interest you must be under the age of 74 to apply for a policy. You should be aware that the policy is renewable for a maximum of three times and you will need to complete a health questionnaire.

There are countries that you would be unable to take this cover for and these include:

Afghanistan • North Korea • Irak • Iran • Libya • Mali • Pakistan • Central African Republic • Somalia • Syria • Yemen

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As with all health insurance policies, international or Uk based there are general exclusions that apply and these are clearly noted in the policy documents. You must ensure that any claims are valid for cover before having treatment if you want to claim on your insurance policy.

The application form for the Magellan policy requires you to answer a series of questions relating to your health and the health of any person to be covered under the policy and it is essential that these questions are answered honestly at the time of application.

SMP Healthcare Ltd is a specialist health insurance provider and we will happily help you source the correct policy for UK or International cover based on your own specific requirements. Please contact us on 01245 929129 or by email for further assistance.