What do therapies mean on your private medical insurance?


What is covered under the Therapies benefit should I decide to include it as a benefit within my policy?

Most Private Medical Insurance providers offer a therapies benefit, and although their terms and conditions and benefit limitations under this benefit may differ, the known therapies which most provide cover for are fairly similar and these will include the more commonly known therapies such as;

chiropractic treatment
– osteopathy
– acupuncture; &
– homeopathy

There is an  insurance provider that will cover chiropody/podiatry and a set limit for consultations with a dietician under their therapies benefit.

How much cover will I have for therapies if I choose to include this benefit?

This will depend entirely on the plan you select as insurers will either offer you a set limit for such treatments, or will allow you to pick from either a reduced monetary limit or a full cover option.

How can I access these therapies through my private medical insurance policy if I choose to include this benefit?

There are a number of ways you will be able to access treatment for certain therapies and we have listed them below.

Specialist Referral – If you are referred by your GP to a specialist who suggests a certain therapy to treat your condition, providing your claim is eligible for benefit under your policy, this will either be included as part of your selected out-patient limit or included within the therapies benefit, providing it’s been included within your policy cover.

GP Referral – Depending on the insurer and the benefits offered, some will offer the insured members access for certain therapies via a GP referral. Where this option is offered the insurers usually place a number on the total amount of GP referred sessions they will allow.

Fast Access Service – Some insurers offer their members a range of services for muscle, bone and joint conditions without needing a GP referral, allowing you to obtain a faster diagnosis and treatment that’s right for you, which can lead to a faster recovery.

If you want to make sure you have the right amount of cover for therapies and the right type of Private Medical Insurance cover to suit your specific needs and requirements, please contact SMP Healthcare Ltd on 01245 929129 and we’ll be delighted to help you. Alternatively you can email us at enquires@smphealthcare.com.