5 Great Reasons you should ask SMP Healthcare Ltd to review your health insurance.

Are you looking to buy or renew your private medical insurance policy ? The options available to you are endless as you may have already discovered. Different policy types, underwriting styles and benefit levels so where do you start looking? We can confirm 5 Great Reasons why you should let SMP Healthcare help you to review your Health Insurance.

What are the 5 Great Reasons that mean SMP Healthcare can help you review your Health Insurance?

  1. At SMP Healthcare Ltd we pride ourselves on finding the right policies for our clients. By having a detailed conversation in the first instance we find out exactly what you want from your healthcare insurance. Our years in the health insurance sector ensure that we find you a great solution first time.
  2. We will ask you for information relating to any previous medical history. Once we have this we will  liaise with the underwriting teams of the insurance providers. By doing this, you will know exactly what will be covered before you buy your policy. This means that there are no hidden surprises when you come to make a claim. If you have pre-existing medical conditions we can establish whether they will be excluded from cover.
  3. We are not affiliated to any insurance provider. On this basis you can be sure that the recommendations we provide are based on what you need from your policy. Our recommendation is unbiased and therefore gives you a good overview of the whole market.
  4. If you have a problem making a claim, our team are available to help you try and resolve the issue. We cannot always guarantee that there will always be a positive outcome. However, if we cannot provide a resolution, we can explain to you in simple terms as to why the insurer has made their decision. You would need to give authorisation to your insurer for us to be able to discuss your claim in detail.
  5. There are no fees to pay for our services. We are paid by the insurer at inception or renewal of a policy and the percentage varies depending on the provider. If you want to know what we will earn on your policy as our client, we are happy to share this information with you.

Our 5 Great Reasons apply whether you are an individual, family or company. We would be delighted to help you source the right private medical insurance, cash plan, dental insurance or occupational health solution at inception or renewal.

You can contact us on 01245 929129 or email enquiries@smphealthcare.com for further information