NEW low cost private medical insurance plan

An award-winning, customer-focused private medical insurance provider has recently launched a new low cost, private medical insurance plan.

The straightforward and affordable plan allows policyholders to take control of their health while keeping within a tight budget.

How it works:

The plan starts with the core module, which provides a fixed cash benefit towards elective in-patient and day-patient treatment. You can then decide where you obtain treatment this can be in a:

If policyholders prefer to have their treatment privately in the UK or abroad, they become cash buyers and have the option available to compare treatment prices before committing to a particular hospital. If policyholders have any money spare they can keep this but may also have to add money to the treatment cost if the total is more than the fixed cash benefit provided by the insurer.

Under the Core cover policyholders will also have in-patient and day-patient access for certain complications of pregnancy, certain dental surgery, MRI, CT and PET scans, a 50% cash benefit if treated through the NHS. With cancer care being one of the top priorities for the NHS, this particular plan does not cover the cost of cancer treatment, but does provide a cancer cash benefit.

Optional Out-patient treatment Cover:

To the Core module policyholders can also add the *outpatient treatment benefits package which includes:

  • Diagnostic tests requested by a GP
  • – Specialist fees and physiotherapy treatment
  • – Outpatient procedures
  • – Routine dental costs
  • – Optical costs
  • – Maternity cash benefit

* Cover for these benefits will be subject to any cover limitations that apply.

The plan offers two underwriting options known as Full Medical Underwriting or Moratorium. Explanations of these underwriting options can be found by following the link below:

Get a price:

If you would like help in finding a low-cost private medical insurance policy from this particular provider or any of the other private medical insurance providers, SMP Healthcare Ltd will be happy to help you. Simply contact us on 01245 929129 or email