Review your health with a LiveSmart health assessment

There are a number of things we can do at home and in our spare time to look after our health but to get a deeper insight into our health there are assessments which can help make this possible, such as the LiveSmart health assessment.

What is a LiveSmart health assessment?

A LiveSmart health assessment can show whether you need to cut down on certain foods and whether or not you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals. It can also show you how your liver and kidneys are working and can pick up certain health problems at a much earlier stage so you can take control of them, all by analysing your blood.

How does a LiveSmart health assessment work?

LiveSmart starts by analysing your blood across every major system. It then puts that in context with your lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and mental health.

All it takes is a finger-prick blood test completed at home and posted to the lab for analysis. A clinical team of doctors and registered dieticians review the blood test results alongside details from your health profile and provide your health assessment results via a secure online dashboard.

The health assessment results will tell you what you’re doing right, recommend areas for improvement. Importantly they will highlight any areas of concern and create a personal improvement plan. If you need extra support and motivation to reach your goals you can follow this up with ongoing telephone health coaching.

AXA Health, a UK private medical insurance provider, are offering an exclusive 5% off on the first LiveSmart health assessment for policyholders by visiting their online health and lifestyle shop, Active+.

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Other private medical insurance providers offer discounts for health assessments for their members. If you are looking for a private medical insurance policy, or would like further information on health assessments, please contact SMP Healthcare Ltd on 01245 929 129 or email