How you can keep healthy this winter

With the most wonderful time of the year approaching us think about ways you can keep fit and healthy.

Here are four simple ways we can all keep healthy this winter.

Keep moving 

Staying active will not only keep you fit and healthy, it will also generate heat to keep you warm. Even when you don’t really feel like it, try to keep moving.

  • If it’s not too cold, take a short walk in the middle of the day
  • Look for ways to keep active – get up and walk around, make yourself a warm drink and spread any chores throughout the day.
  • Chair-based exercises are helpful if walking is difficult, along with moving your arms and legs and wiggling your toes.

Eat well

Hot meals and drinks help to keep you warm, so eat at least one hot meal each day and have hot drinks throughout the day. Having a hot drink before bed and keeping one in a flask by your bedside are good ideas too.

Have a yearly flu jab

The flu is not only unpleasant, it can also develop into something more serious, such as pneumonia. If you’re over 65, or if you have certain health conditions the Government recommends that you get the flu jab every year. Flu viruses are constantly changing so vaccines are updated each year.

Keep your hands clean

Good hand hygiene is a simple way to avoid getting colds or flu and stop it spreading to other people.

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water, or use alcohol-based gel or wipes.
  • Make sure to clean surfaces you are in contact with regularly, like your telephone, door handles and keyboard as germs can live on them.

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