Self-funding your private medical treatment?

As a specialist health insurance broker we often come across people who are considering cancelling their Private Medical Insurance in favour of Self-Funding their treatment. This is only until they understand the real costs attributed to self-funding private medical treatment.

If you are considering saving £100 per month to use when you need treatment, you should be aware that it would take many years to save the money required for the private treatment of a serious medical condition .

There are a number of private hospital groups within the UK. The cost of your treatment will depend on the hospital and consultant that you choose. Many hospitals do publish a guideline of charges on their websites to give you an idea of cost. They can also offer payment plans for many.

How much will it cost if I am Self-funding my private medical treatment?

We have had a look at the published costs of private treatment at Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford as an example. If you are having treatment in Central London, it is likely that the prices you will pay will increase.

  • Cataract Surgery £2708.00
  • Laparoscopic groin hernia repair £4113.00
  • Back Surgery – trapped nerve release £7717.00
  • Hip replacement £13,521.00
  • Knee replacement £12,995.00

The above gives you a good guideline of self-funding treatment costs and as you can see, it doesn’t come cheap. This is without looking at the costs of more serious and life threatening conditions. Just imagine the costs for covering heart, cancer and mental health conditions. The self-funding method can soon become unachievable for many people.

Even a private GP appointment can be costly, without private prescriptions and specialist consultations. When you take all of the costs into consideration then Health Insurance becomes an easy way to spread the cost of your private treatment.

In summary, there are ways you can control the cost of your Health Insurance and this could save you money for the future.

The team at SMP Healthcare can review your current Private Medical Insurance for you.  This will ensure you are only paying for the benefits that you need. If you are used to self-funding your private treatment and would like to know more about Health Insurance, we will be happy to explain it all to you.

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