Have you heard of The PHC?

When it comes to buying company health insurance, most people in the UK have heard about AXA Health, Aviva and Bupa. What about some of the smaller providers such as The PHC.

The PHC are a specialist provider of medical insurance plans and have been providing health insurance for over 20 years. The PHC do not sell their policies in direct markets.  They work with specialist health insurance intermediaries and brokers.

PHC are part of the AXA group of companies. Their private medical insurance plans are underwritten by AXA Health who are the UK’s 2nd largest medical insurer. This fact should provide you with confidence.  The PHC is a business that is owned by a group with considerable expertise and financial strength.

PHC realise that the one size fits all model is not appropriate when it comes to medical insurance. You can therefore develop and tailor solutions that meet your specific needs with this insurer. At times this could mean designing bespoke benefits or developing flexible underwriting, administration or service solutions. Their focus is on the provision of quality cover, superior service and affordable pricing for our customers.

The PHC philosophy:

“Our whole philosophy is built around being different, responsive and agile to meet the often complex health insurance needs of customers.”

“At PHC we really do believe and practice that the ‘non-standard is our standard”.

Clients that PHC look after:

  • Small to medium businesses
  • Corporate businesses

Business Health Insurance from The PHC

The PHC offer a number of flexible options for Company Private Medical Insurance here in the UK. They offer an excellent level of customer service and have a great reputation within the Health Insurance sector.  They aim to ensure if you need to make a claim then this can be done as simply as possible. Where possible they will authorise claims over the phone. Within your health insurance policy you have access to counselling and telephone support. This service is confidential and is provided by qualified counsellors.

If you would like to know more about the private medical insurance plans offered by PHC or any of the other insurer providers, the team at SMP Healthcare will be happy to help you. You can contact us on 01245 929129 or email us on enquiries@smphealthcare.com