Does Private Medical Insurance cover pregnancy?


When you buy a private medical insurance policy in the UK, there are a whole host of insurers to choose from. What you should be aware of, is that the majority of UK policies do not cover for routine pregnancy and childbirth or childbirth without complications.

Private medical insurance in the UK is for the treatment of acute medical conditions. Natural and routine pregnancy and childbirth is not classed as an illness.

If private medical insurance cover for pregnancy, infertility, maternity or childbirth is important to you and you want this to be part of your policy then you may need to look at your cover a little differently.

Do any private medical insurance policies cover routine pregnancy?

Actually the answer to this is yes, some international insurance policies give you the option to upgrade your cover to include maternity and childbirth. Some providers even offer cover for infertility treatment, pregnancy yoga or Pilates and post-natal counselling.

Although we refer to these policies as “International” some insurers will allow UK nationals to have a policy even though they are not intending to use them abroad.

The downside to opting for an international private medical insurance policy is definitely cost. An international private medical insurance policy is almost certainly going to be higher than a domestic UK policy, especially if you include cover for routine pregnancy and childbirth.

You need to check the terms and conditions of the policy you intend to buy for they almost certainly will carry a waiting period (a time period that you need to be insured before claiming for a pregnancy related benefit).

Cover for pregnancy complications

Although normal/ routine childbirth is not generally covered on UK policies, it is worth checking the terms and conditions to see what cover would be in place if you experience complications of pregnancy.

Conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, postpartum haemorrhage or stillbirth may actually be covered. Some women develop diabetes during pregnancy and this may also be covered as a complication of pregnancy (unless diabetes is a pre-existing condition and already excluded from cover).

Each insurer has specific regulations in relation to cover for complications of pregnancy and it is worth being absolutely sure before you purchase a policy.

Childbirth Cash Benefit

If you have private medical insurance in place when you have a baby, your cover could pay a “baby bonus” cash amount, usually £100 for the birth of each child or in a legal adoption scenario. If you have an excess applied to your private medical insurance, this would not be taken from a child birth cash benefit. You may have had to be insured for a specific time period (i.e. 10 months) before being able to claim a benefit of this type.

If you would like to find out about private medical insurance cover with maternity and childbirth at the forefront of your requirements, the team at SMP Healthcare will be happy to help you source a policy that will provide you with the benefits included that are important to you and your family.

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