How to obtain a GP appointment without the wait

Vitality Health can help you to access a GP appointment quickly via their Vitality GP app. If you have a policy with Vitality Health, using their app can save you valuable time in accessing primary care.

What is Vitality GP and how does it help you to get a GP appointment?

Vitality GP offers you access to a GP at a time and place that suits you. Using the Vitality GP app you can talk directly to a Vitality GP and have a private GP video appointment within 48 hours. You’ll be offered a choice of GP’s and have the ability to securely upload images taken with a smartphone for them to view.

Additional advantages of using a Vitality GP

Private Prescriptions – When a private prescription is issued by a Vitality GP, you can choose to have your prescription posted to your home address or to a Lloyds Pharmacy branch. If you choose to have it delivered to a Lloyds Pharmacy branch you can pick up your medication at the pharmacy. No excess is payable for a private prescription.

You can use up to £100 per plan year towards Vitality GP referred minor diagnostic tests and most private prescriptions.

GP Led Treatment Pathway – The Vitality GP can refer you for the most appropriate onward treatment, this means you often won’t have to make an additional call or online claim.

Wellness Pathway – The Vitality GP has access to your Vitality Age and Healthcheck results. On this basis they can advise you how to get healthier and help manage any long term conditions. Professional help such as this can therefore help your health improve in the future.

The Vitality GP app is available on Apple (iOS 8 or later) or Android (5.0 or later) platforms only. The GP appointment video consultation service is available from 0800–1900 Monday to Friday and 0900–1300 Saturdays, excluding bank holidays. The cost of a private prescription will not affect your renewal pricing and no excess will be payable.

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