Business Healthcare from Vitality

Vitality Health is the first insurance company to reward their customers for being healthy. They are currently the fourth largest private medical insurer. Business Healthcare from Vitality is available for company scheme’s with 2 or more members. Business Healthcare from Vitality Health is a modular policy that can be tailored to suit each company’s requirements.

Core Cover

All plans start with Core Cover which has a variety of benefits including:

In-patient and day-patient hospital fees, consultant fees & diagnostic tests • Out-patient surgical procedures • Vitality GP • NHS hospital cash benefit • childbirth cash benefit • home nursing • private ambulance • parent accommodation • oral surgery • pregnancy complications • talking therapies • rehabilitationlifestyle surgery • advanced cancer cover

Options to enhance or reduce your Business Healthcare cover

Out-patients limits; you can choose a range of cover from full refund down as far as £500 for out-patients treatments

Out-patients diagnostics; you can choose full cover or for this to be included in your out-patients limit. If you have chosen a full refund out-patients limit then diagnostics will be included.

Psychiatric cover; Up-to 28 days in-patient / day/patient cover with full cover for talking therapies. Out-patients mental health cover £1500. You do not have to include the mental health option.

Therapies cover; you can choose full refund or you can excluded cover for therapies

Employee Assistance Programme; can be included or excluded from cover

Other add-on benefits available for Vitality Health’s Business Healthcare

Dental cover; major treatment or routine & major dental treatment

Worldwide Travel Cover; covers trips up to 120 days

Emergency Overseas Cover: up to 90 days

Personal Health Fund

Employer Cash Back; this is based on the Vitality membership status of your employees.

Hospital Choices Available from Vitality Health

Consultant Select • Local Hospital List • Countrywide Hospital List • London Care

If an employee chooses to go to a hospital that is not included in their plan, they will need to pay 40% towards their treatment costs excluding the consultant fees.

Excess options from Vitality

£0, £100, £250, £500 or £1000

The excess can be applied per person per claim or per person per policy year and if your plan has 5 or more members on cover it can also be Vitality Status linked.

There are also a range of underwriting options on the Business Healthcare plans including:

  • Full Medical Underwriting
  • Moratorium
  • Continued Personal Medical Exclusions
  • Medical History Disregarded

To be eligible for cover under a Business Healthcare policy, members must be an employee of the company.  You can opt to add employees dependents to their cover and therefore members can be covered on a single, couple, family and single parent basis.

Vitality Health Rewards

As Business Healthcare members, you and your staff will have access to the Vitality Rewards and Discounts programme. This is a unique option available where members are rewarded for living a healthier lifestyle. Following detailed research it has been proven that people who live a healthier lifestyle are less likely to need to make a claim. Rewards Partners do change from time to time however you will have access to discounted gym memberships, cinema tickets, smoking cessation assistance, weight loss club membership, activity tracking devices, sports shoes, active wear, apps to assist you with your Mental Health, Discounted spa breaks and much, much more.

As you can see from the information provided, choosing a private medical insurance policy for your company has many options. The Business Healthcare policy from Vitality Health will also allow you to have different membership categories. You could therefore implement a scheme with cover levels applicable to each category of staff. Making the right choices at the beginning can save you money in the long-term future of your policy.

Would like help in finding a company health insurance policy? SMP Healthcare can provide you with a full market comparison. You can then look at options from Vitality Health alongside the other insurance providers.

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